Suggestions On How To Write An Outstanding Essay Quickly

There are many times, especially in college, where you may be expected to write an essay and you won’t be given a generous deadline. Whether it’s for the SATs or a typical class assignment, you’ll still want to make sure that you can write an outstanding essay but you won’t have the advantage of days or weeks in order to outline and revise the piece. But here’s how you can still produce quality work without a lot of time to spare.

Have a Plan

Chances are likely that you’ll already have a topic to work with. But either way, it’s important to have a watertight plan when it comes to building your first draft.

Make sure you have a strong topic. If not, brain storm. Make sure you’ve got a topic that’s strong, well formulated, and is substantial enough to write about.

Outlining is important when writing any paper. But it’s especially imperative when you don’t have a lot of time to work with. Figure out what you want each paragraph to talk about. Don’t be afraid to rely on a five-paragraph template, featuring an introduction, conclusion and three supporting paragraphs. Templates have a time and place and the less you have to think about the structure of the essay, the more time you’ll have to work on what really matters- the content.

Edit As You Go

If you’re writing an essay for the SAT, you may not be able to write more than one draft. If that’s the case, try to edit as you go. While you do want to write quickly, pay close attention to your grammar and spelling. You won’t have the luxury of revising the piece.

Be Efficient

If you’re writing an essay outside of class, efficiency matters.

Try to find a quiet place to work. No loud music or background noise. If you’re working on a computer, avoid the Internet unless you need to quickly research something for your essay. If possible, enable Airplane Mode or disable the Wi-Fi.

Then, just write. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll be able to get done when you’re able to focus and you’ve minimized potential distractions.

Writing an outstanding essay can be a difficult endeavor when you don’t have time on your stand but it’s still doable. Just follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to producing outstanding papers even when time’s limited.

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