How To Write A Conclusion Of A 10th Grade Essay About Friendship

Any 10th grade student who has been asked to write an essay, no matter the type or topic, must be aware of three vital components. They are the introduction, the two middle paragraphs and finally the conclusion. Unless you understand the significance and role of each of these three components, you will struggle to write a high-ranking essay.

In this particular article we are looking principally at the third component, that is the conclusion. What is the conclusion to an essay? What is its purpose? What are the steps you need to take to make sure your conclusion is perfect in every way?

Match the introduction

It is vital that the points you make in your introduction are directly related to the points you make in your conclusion. Of course the information in-between in the body paragraphs is vitally important too but the link between the beginning and the end is essential.

What have you set out to say or prove in your introduction? The answer to that question will be highlighted in your conclusion. You are summing up what has gone before when you write your conclusion.

Perhaps rewrite the introduction

When you get to write your conclusion you may find that you have not expressed yourself clearly in the introduction. If that is the case, it is important that you go back and rewrite that part of your introduction which needs to be changed. Remember there is a direct link between the beginning and the end of your essay. Re-writing your introduction is not time consuming. It is the start of your essay and for any reader, first impressions can be lasting impressions. If you say you will discuss a certain topic or answer a specific question in your introduction and don’t do that, then re-writing your introduction is essential. Make it match your conclusion.

Nothing new please

Whatever the points you have made about the topic of friendship in your first and second fact paragraphs, nothing new should be included in your conclusion. This is not the place to provide new information. Of course you need to be sure of the facts you state in the body of your essay, but if you are sure, it is so much easier to write a summary of those main points when you come to create your conclusion. You need to remind the reader of what has gone before.

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