Mother Teresa

She is the most famous and controversial Catholic nun of the twentieth century. She had an unknown back ground and never took any of her precious time to resolve the mystery surrounding her origin. She was so influenced by religion and she astonished everyone when at the age of twelve she decided that she wanted to become a nun. She possessed strong leader ship skills and this was the thing that made her get to rise to such a great level and win the heart of so many people worldwide. Her services were to the poor and the dying people which she did for a period of more than forty five without tire. She extended her services to those people who needed it by creating so many homes.

Mother Teresa proved to the world that all dreams are valid and you can realize what you want and all you have to do is stay focused to your dream. At the time she started her work she only had three saris and a five rupee. She once had an encounter with a bakery man when she went to borrow some bread for orphan children. The bakery man spit at her but she did not lose hope but instead replied that she would keep the keep the spit and continued to beg him for something for the poor kids stretching out her other hand that was not spit on. The bakery man realized her gentle character and offered to donate bread to her any time she needed some.

The sari she wore cost one dollar and this showed her level of simplicity. The white sari and the blue border are now a symbol of peace and hope for the poor and destitute. She offered herself to suffer so that she could help others. She never put even her own image first. Her altitude of not shying off to ask for help whenever she needed it showed her strong qualities of a good leader. She had courage that so rare to find and even offered to help people with diseases that put her own life at stake. She bought the poor and the dying to homes and gave them food and shelter. This may the dying died with dignity.

It was her strong and bold character that made her to be a blessing to many people during her life time. She had strong leadership qualities that are rare to find and are admired by many. She was and still is a role model to many people. After her death she left many messengers to spread her message and take up her service.

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