Creating A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On The Great Influenza By John M. Barry

The Great Influenza is one of the most captivating and spine-chilling real event unfolding. It was written in 2004 by John M. Barry and delves into the greatest pandemic ever. The fact that the 1918 Influenza killed more people in a year than AIDS has done till date is astonishing.

Strong impressions

While writing a rhetorical analysis essay, you need to stress upon the fact that Barry is neither a scientist nor a virologist. In this light, most of his scientific errors should be taken with a pinch of salt. You need to express that his efforts are to enlighten a larger lot; many of them scientifically inept.

The tone of the book is quite inscrutably practical. The impact of political view on Pandemic is largely resonant even in today’s world. There is a general urge to utilize events like Tsunami for political flair.

Addressing the situation

You need to address the exact situation; how the disease spread from sick animals to those living around; from gentry to military personnel; from them to allies (it took place in 1918 during the 1st World War). Soon, there were piles of dead bodies with none to bury them. Expectedly, the death toll grew by thousands and more.

The book brings to light that if corrective steps are taken at the right time, huge catastrophes can be averted. We have evolved so much in the near-100 years since The Great influenza but we have barely changed our tracks. We still wait for the accidents to happen before making repairs. 9/11 stands as a standing example of that metaphor.

The flaws in time

The book may have its flaws but it brilliantly mixes science with fiction; hard talk with elaborate explanations. Thus, it keeps readers of all sorts interested. Stray references like how Influenza was thought to be bacteria-induced (it is actually virus-induced) and thus the cure or vaccine could not be prepared takes us to the ignorance of the period.

We should ask ourselves that even after such technological innovations, why do new diseases keep cropping up (ebola being the latest). Why we have still not reached the depths of human brain and its ultimate capacities. Are we not as ignorant as our great grandfathers?

Recommend or refute

Make sure that you either recommend or refute this book based on strong evidence and logic. Do your research and go through the grind. Assess the book through emergent perspectives and crate a fulfilling picture, rhetorically speaking.

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