Interracial Marriage

I support interracial marriages hands down. There are many groups against this concept but many of their reasons are founded in limited close-minded ways of thinking dating back centuries. Interracial marriages have been frowned upon by many cultures especially those that believe their way of life or ethnic background to be superior by some misguided reasoning. There are many benefits of interracial marriages and by extension, interracial breeding which I will now discuss.


Wars have been a part of human history from time immemorial. In fact, most of history, is about war and its effect on our society and this prevalence of war as a part of our daily activities has not changed to this day. Many wars being fought today are done for exact same reasons they were fought for thousands of years ago, resources, land and probably the most ludicrous, because you look different than I do. So why not resolves them in similar ways, just as nobility were married off to enemy nations to form alliances, we should all start marrying people of different countries and races to promote unity within all nations of the world.


Our bodies fight diseases in two general ways, one by creating the required antibodies to destroy an invading pathogen, and two, by inheriting the information required to fight preexisting diseases from our parents. This last example expresses itself maybe most popularly in India, where the citizens have developed a natural immunity to cholera and other water borne diseases. With a more uniform mingling and mixing of races, all of these beneficial adaptation can eventually be gained by all humans, making our species more adaptable and healthy as a result.


Evolution through adaptation is possible because of small differences in phenotype within a species, giving advantage or disadvantage to a particular specimen based on the environment. These difference arise due to mistakes made during the process of genetic duplication performed in every reproductive cell of sexually reproducing organisms. With more interracial breeding, countless more genetic variations and expressions will be added to the human gene pool which greatly expands our potential to adapt and evolve as a species.

In short, the benefits of one day becoming a unified race of one, the human race, greatly outweigh the shortsighted views of our ancestors and these views should be removed from our society. We have lost enough fighting against ourselves, it is time we embrace our future together.

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