15 Narrative Essay Topics On Journalism For College Students

What is a narrative essay?

A narrative essay allows a writer to take a topic and write from their own personal perspective. The writer takes the subject matter and gives their first-hand knowledge on the subject. The narrative paper allows the writer to discuss the topic in a personal story. The essay discusses an experience that the writer has faced in their own life in regards to the subject. Many journalists use this style of writing when working on news articles, magazine articles, and journal articles.

How to write an excellent journal essay?

  • The student should choose a topic with which they have personal experience.
  • The writing assignment has to be in first person and very personable.
  • The writer has the freedom to discuss their personal viewpoint on the subject matter.
  • The writing should be between three paragraphs to ten paragraphs long.
  • The paragraphs of the paper should be divided into the following sections:
    1. Introduction: States the thesis statement, main topic, and main points that will support the subject matter. Also, states the writer’s viewpoint on the main subject.
    2. Body: This portion of the journal paper will be made up of one paragraph to eight paragraphs. Each paragraph will provide a main point that will be supported by facts and evidence.
    3. Conclusion: This is the last paragraph of the journal article that reiterates the thesis statement, sums up the supporting facts and evidence, and states why the writer’s perspective on the topic is the correct one.
  • It is always good to have the narrative essay reviewed for errors before turning it in for a grade.

Fifteen topics that will be great for a journalism essay:

  • How did journalists change the coverage of wars during WWII?
  • How did journalists change the coverage of wars during the Vietnam War?
  • How has new coverage changed since the explosion of social media?
  • Can a journalist really be objective when reporting on a war?
  • How has social media changed the reporting of police brutality cases?
  • Is it fair for journalists to ask the hard questions of politicians when it comes to governmental policies?
  • How do you ensure that journalists are telling the truth when they are reporting on war stories?
  • How has integrity in journalism been affected by the Brian Williams’ scandal?
  • Should journalists be allowed to be up close and personal in war combat zones?
  • Should governments have the exclusive power to censor journalists and news reporters?
  • Why do countries control their news media sites?
  • Should female news reporters be allowed in the locker rooms of male sports teams?
  • How can readers check to ensure that news articles are true and credible?
  • Should you rely on a food critic’s review of a restaurant before eating at that particular one?
  • What training, knowledge, and skills does one need to become a great journalist?

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