5 Sources Providing Quality 5th Grade Opinion Essay Samples

When you write, you learn to formulate your thoughts and improve your spelling. Writing opinion essays requires expressing your viewpoints, supporting them with good reasons, and opposing contrary views. Even if your teacher has explained to you the specifics of this type of writing, this information is often not enough to get down to work. Many students want to have a look at an example. Consider the following sources where you can find sample papers on different topics.

  1. 1. Your teacher’s website.
  2. Everything moves with the times, and the teachers are no exception. Many of them have created their own personal blogs or websites. It’s a great way to keep in touch with students, and share professional knowledge with colleagues. If your teacher turns out to have their own website, check it for any reference material and examples of different academic papers. Some teachers use this method of sharing information as an integral part of the studying process.

  3. 2. Academic writing guidelines.
  4. Many schools provide their students with manuals on writing different kinds of papers. These guides contain general information about the subject, step-by-step instructions, and the requirements for the essay’s structure and formatting. There are usually examples following each theoretical part or rule, so that you can see its application in practice. If your school doesn’t issue such manuals, then you can find the online versions of other schools’ writing guidelines.

  5. 3. Writing labs.
  6. The online counterparts of standard writing centers are a great source of essay templates. Apart from the examples, you can also get professional help with the essential parts of your paper.

  7. 4. Writing companies.
  8. As a rule, trusted writing companies offer the visitors of their sites the sample works of their writers. You can take advantage of this and see what your work should look like, how you should present your opinion, introduce arguments, etc. Moreover, you can be sure about the quality and reliability of these papers because they were written by professionals.

  9. 5. Students’ papers.
  10. There are some websites and forums where students share the works they wrote in the 5th grade. You’ll need to find the section with opinion essays and read a couple of them to get a general idea about the topics that could be used for discussion and the overall structure. The papers are usually openly accessible, but some sites may ask you to upload your best works in exchange. Also, remember to check what grade the work received in order to avoid using a bad paper as an example.

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