Argumentative Essay Writing: 5 Tips On How To Make Your Paper Shine

Argumentative essays are mostly the easiest to write. They require you to investigate a topic, gather facts and figures, and consequently take a stand for or against a topic. However, in their quest to take a side, students often get carried away and forget to preserve the essence of the essay, thus deviating and taking away the impact the piece could have had. Here are five tips on how to make your paper shine, so you don’t join the hordes of people trying to find the perfect essay.

5 tips on how to make your paper shine

  • Clarify whether you are for or against the topic at the beginning of the essay. Then, use the body of the essay to explain why. A clear, concise and pointed statement demonstrating your stand is much more effective than one that goes around in circles. For example, if your topic is, ‘Should there be dress codes in schools?’, your introductory statement should state clearly whether or not you stand in favor of the motion and why, such as, ‘I believe that equality is a trait that cannot be inculcated until one suspends how to differentiate, which is why I believe schools should have dress codes.’
  • Use concrete evidence to support your argument. Refrain from making up your own facts and figures. If you want to make your paper shine, spend some time gathering relevant examples that contribute to it. For example, if advocating dress codes in schools, you can cite instances from when teachers have objected to revealing clothing in schools.
  • Move on from one paragraph to another in a systematic format. Usually, an idea should be expressed entirely in one paragraph. When you have no more to specify, start the next one. This way, your essay will have clear, structured paragraphs with a visible movement from introduction to conclusion. Unfinished and jumbled ideas convey a haphazard mind.
  • Plan your essay properly. If writing a five paragraph paper, keep one paragraph for the introduction, one for the conclusion, and the remaining three for the body. Furthermore, take care that each of the paragraphs in the body talk about a relevant point expressed completely in clear, concise terms.
  • Pay special attention to your conclusion. Do not introduce anything new here, as it may create dissonance. Instead, reiterate your central point and emphasize on the reasons for its importance. This will give you a well-structured piece of your belt.

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