Companies and businesses use advertising to increase sales of products and services. They also use it for the introduction of new items, services and products in the markets. Currently, advertising agencies are on the increase. It is a result of the many companies and industries available in the marketing. Advertising is also for the purpose of countering efforts of competitors. Media for advertisements include television, radio, newspapers, journals, internet blogs and websites and outdoor advertisement. Notably, there are trends and shifts in the modern type of advertisement methods from traditional forms and methods. Innovation and technological advertisements are one reason for the shift. The use of the internet is another trend on the increase. Nonetheless, all the methods aim at improving sales, customer relations and consequently improving companies’ productivity and profits. Many companies are currently spending heavily on advertisements for sales and product promotion.

Advantages of Advertising

The introduction of new commodities in the market is possible with proper and strategic advertising. The type of advertising that helps in stimulation of people into buying or purchasing products for the first time is effective in improving customer base and sales. Advertisements also work effectively in ensuring that accompany enjoy more customers. An improvement in sales of products, especially to new customers, leads to expansion of the market. An improvement or increase in sales leads to more profits. It also ensures that there are fewer expenses and more revenues for a company. Fighting competition is achievable with the help of advertisements. Companies can counter competition from rivals with the use of better and more appealing adverts. Advertisements are also efficient in business as it works for the elimination of the middle men. In other words, product information gets from producers to the customers. Through advertisements, companies can improve the quality of services and goods as the customers want to see the quality in the adverts. Also, the education of customers or the public on products is possible through the help of advertisements.

Main Advantages of Advertising

Advertising is helpful in increasing employment opportunities. Artists, painters, script writers and block makers all benefit from advertising. Since advertising is currently a professional, some companies specialize in it and earn highly. With the increase in advertising jobs, more people have better incomes and consequently better life quality. Also, it helps communication media to survive. Communication media receives payment for the services. As a result of healthy competition, quality of both services and products improves to customers’ benefit.

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