Cavity Prevention

Teeth are a very sensitive party of the human body. It is important to maintain and ensure good strong healthy teeth. This will not only increase your teeth function ability but will also help in boosting your courage when in front of people. Cavity Prevention is a really important practice. Teeth are in a very sensitive environment and should thus caution should be taken so as to maintain healthy and strong teeth. It is recommended that one visits a dentist at least twice in every six months so as to get teeth checked for potential risks and get advice on how to treat your teeth.

Saliva a potential threat to the Cavity

Food digestion starts in the mouth. The food is chewed by teeth and some particles are left on the teeth grooves and surface. Saliva is essential for food digestion and contains bacteria that are used to break down food. During the process an acid is formed and some of this acid remains on the surface of the teeth and cavity. There are also some food particles that were left on the cavity surface during chewing. If these particles and plaque; that is formed when bacteria in the saliva break down the food particles, is left to accumulate on the teeth surface it could turn out to be disastrous. The plaque can lead to eating up of the teeth surface and create a hole on the teeth. If this is not noted earlier treated, it could lead to serious cavity problems and even teeth loss. The best way to protect our teeth from plaque and food particles is making sure that we brush our teeth at least twice a day. This helps in making sure that there are no materials that are accumulating on the teeth surface.

The right toothbrush

Toothbrush has bristles that help in breaking down the sticky plaque making it easier to gargle it away using water. It is however good to choose a brush that has medium, hard and soft bristles to avoid hurting the gum while brushing. The toothbrush should also be long enough so that you can reach to all teeth. The head of the tooth brush that has the bristles should be small to allow you to reach properly to all areas of the tooth. It is recommended that you use tooth paste that has fluoride. This helps to strengthen the outside of the teeth. Your dentist should give you the right advise on the right toothbrush for you and the technique of brushing that will help you keep healthy and strong teeth.

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