Essay Writing Tips: How to Deal with Writer’s Block

Most essay writing tips deal with craft and structure. Advice articles often deal with ways to overcome procrastination or how to create distraction-free work spaces. But there aren’t too many pieces on how to deal with writer’s block. So we’ve created a list of some really useful essay writing’s tip to help you deal with this sometimes paralyzing ordeal:

Brainstorm and free-write

Most students tend to run into trouble when they think too hard about writing the perfect paper right from the first draft. This is a terrible idea. It’s best to simply brainstorm ideas and free-write without stopping to fix grammar, punctuation, spelling or anything else you think needs fixing. This will help build momentum that should take you through this important first step to completing your paper.

Take a walk and collect your thoughts

Sometimes you need to get away from the screen to gather your thoughts. This shouldn’t be thought of as procrastination, just a much needed method of defeating writer’s block when you find yourself frozen in front of the screen. Take a walk and collect your thoughts; it might be helpful to carry a small notebook or a recorder with you so that you can immediately return to your ideas when you get back to your computer screen.

Meditate and clear your mind

Another effective method is to meditate and clear your mind for a few minutes. Sometimes are best ideas are a jumbled mess, in which case it’s actually better to first clear your mind before you even begin to organize your arguments. A good practice is to do this before you start any writing project, since meditation in general has many benefits that could help with other aspects of your education.

Find inspiration in others’ work

Some essay writers suggest that it’s a good idea to go through others’ writing in order to find the inspiration needed to get started. Just think of how interested you become after you read a really good article or chapter from a book. Focus on works within your essay topic since these are more likely to trigger a light in your mind.

Develop a writing routine

Most professional writers will develop routines to help them get through writer’s block. Habit forming is very good and even if you write for one hour each day, your brain and muscle memory will kick in when you sit down to write, letting you get into a momentum sooner than if the act was entirely new to you.

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