Developing Effective Essay Writing Skills: A Piece Of Advice For College Students

You will have to write many compositions in college. Hopefully, you have been given a strong foundation during your formative high school years. If you have less than an adequate foundation in writing, you can turn to our advice for college students who are developing effective essay writing skills:


  • Thesis statements are important-the guide that you will follow for your paper is the thesis statement. If it is strong and has support, then your paper will be easier to write. Make sure you have a perfect thesis statement. It will need to include your main points that you wish to discuss or to prove.
  • Outlines will make the job easier-once you have a thesis statement then you can make an outline. You will then follow the outline as you write the paper.
  • Use reliable sources-where you get you research from matters, and what research you use in your essays matters. Carefully check your sources and make sure they are reliable and credible.
  • Hire help- if you are truly new to the world of writing, you may want to hire a writing company or a tutor. If you have papers due weekly, this may be the best thing you could do with your money. Otherwise, keeping up with all of these written assignments may be overwhelming. You can also use the writing lab on campus. They will proof your paper for free and they will be glad to help you learn how to write.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute-do not wait until the last time to begin or finish your paper. Work on the composition a tiny bit each day and it will be easier for you to complete.
  • Proof, proof, proof-when the paper is finished, you will want to put it down and not look at it for a few hours. You then can pick it back up for a proofing with fresh eyes. You might also want to enlist a friend or peer to also help you to proof your paper. New eyes can always find mistakes better than your eyes can.

Use this guide and advice as you start college and you are assigned multiple writing assignments. It will help you to write and to mange this work. And do not forget that you can always seek help as you travel this journey.

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