How To Write My Essay Successfully: Useful Guidelines For Rookies

Writing an essay is simply expressing your opinion on a subject convincingly and giving facts that support it. There are many guidelines that one can use to write a successful essay, but some key things remain. The general structure of an essay is to have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. In simple terms the three sections can be explained as follows:

  • Introduction: Say what you want to write about. This can be the statement of your view on the topic or the view that you want to discuss. It must be stated simply but clearly and concisely so that the reader knows without a doubt that this is your stand. State it and state it unequivocally. Try to make your introductory lines interesting or controversial. This will cause the reader to want to read further.
  • Body: Say it in a few paragraphs. This section is the one that holds all the arguments for your case. They must be strong and convincing. When making points for your stand always ensure to state your strongest points first and the weakest point last. Since you have already built interest in your topic, you want to hold it here. Play with the reader’s minds by using descriptive words that arouse their emotions and creates a feel of what you are describing in their mind. For example, when writing about a child’s first day at schools, you can describe their wide terror filled eyes as they frantically look around and realise that their Mommy is not there, the tears that fill their eyes and their increased breaths as they start to panic. This draws the readers’ emotions and causes them to keep reading.
  • Conclusion: Say what you have said in the body in one short paragraph. Here you want to remind the reader of what you have said in the previous paragraphs. This repetition helps to emphasize the key points that you want the reader to remember after reading your essay. If the body were well written, the conclusion would basically be placing a seal on the knowledge you have just imported into the mind of your readers.

Using the three sections above you can write a thorough essay that will earn you top points. Always remember to prepare what you want to say beforehand. It is a general rule to be absolutely convinced of your arguments before writing anything. If possible, have a rough draft of your work before you begin your essay.

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