Writing An Excellent 7th Grade Argumentative Essay In 7 Steps

A 7th grade student is in the final year of middle school and by then, is aware of the nitty-gritty with a degree of confidence. One of the sharpest preparing agents is argumentative essays that test him and channel him towards working harder.

If you find it hard to script an argumentative piece, here is a go-to in 7 steps

  1. Step 1 Absorb the topic – You need to understand the topic in detail. Say, the topic is – Should homework be banned. Now, clearly, you are not being asked about the history of homework. By absorbing, you will note what to write and what not.
  2. Step 2 Plan – You need to have a clear plan about how to proceed. You may take a harsh, lenient or even favorable stance on homework. Whatever you do, you should have supportive logics to aid you.
  3. Step 3 Points – You should have 4-5 points in favor of your chosen motion (pro or anti-homework) and one or two against it. All the points should be resourceful and edgy.
  4. Step 4 Resourcing – You should find out what the learned people and academicians have to say about the significance or uselessness of homework. The resourcing should be credible and acknowledged.
  5. Step 5 Structuring – You should map out the beginning, body and end of the piece. Each segment should hold out on its importance and should lead to the subsequent one with aplomb. The conclusion should be a derivation of the points mentioned previously.
  6. Step 6 Balance – You should strike out a balance in the paragraph just before conclusion. Herein, you should place both points that favor and oppose your motion and thus paves the way for an acute analysis. This is a very important paragraph in relation to the essay.
  7. Step 7 Conclusion and check – You should put an end to future arguments through a decisive conclusion. You should then give the piece a serious check and introduce other aspects to make it weightier.

Some concessions

Yes, there are some concessions granted to Grade 7 students if they make mistakes here and there with the piece. After all, they are still in the learning phase. What is expected of you is to make an earnest endeavor towards fashioning the piece and let the standing motif come out with clarity.

You should go through some seriously good argumentative pieces to get an idea as to the tone and inflection of these pieces.

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