Creating A Powerful Cause And Effect Essay About Racism

Racism is one of those subjects that creates divides and tensions no matter what side of the fence you happen to be sitting on. Aside from the people that are blatantly racist, those that are not remotely racist you also have those that are racist without even realizing it. It is an issue that not only divides and destroys communities but also countries and stretches across the globe.

It is not one of those subjects that you can skim over, or be anything other than completely impassioned without running the risk of being seriously marked down.

So, with the stakes so high, just how do you go about creating a powerful cause and effect essay about racism?

Decide on your topic

As I have already alluded to this is an incredibly volatile subject. So, you need to choose the topic that resonates most with you. The topic that you feel you are going to be able to do the most justice to. You might want to tackle the incidents of white police officers shooting dead black youths, or you might want to look at the modern day Ku klux Klan. Whatever, you need to ensure that it at least stirs something within you.

Consider your own attitudes on racism

Whether they believe themselves to be racist or not most people would have at very least a basic understanding as to whether or not their actions and thoughts would be deemed racist by otherwise. It is useful to be aware of this. Most schools have a zero-tolerance approach to racism and if you do have those leanings then you are going to have to be very careful if you wish to include them in your essay without been pilloried for your viewpoint.

Do your research

This is a cause and effect essay not a narrative essay, so even if you have experienced racism first hand you are still going to have to do a significant amount of research into the causes and the effects. If you scrimp on the research then your findings are likely to come across as flawed.

Lift your language

The best cause and effect essays on the issue of racism are those that strike the perfect balance between the emotive and the factual. It is very easy to dismiss someone as hysterical…unless the writing is clearly grounded in fact.

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