How To Compose An Essay Introduction- A Complete Walkthrough

When you are writing an essay, it is more important than ever to start it off well. That means that the introduction is really important. You want to make sure that you draw your audience in. you only have a few moments to make the reader want to continue reading the rest of the paper. If you don’t make the introduction interesting, the reader will quickly lose interest and then they will no longer want to read your piece. Here is a complete walkthrough of how to write an effective introduction.

The Catch

Start your paper off with an interesting quote or a fact that lures your audience in. If you only had one sentence to make your audience want to learn more, you would put that first. This can be an interesting quote, an alarming statistic, or a fact that you found interesting. What is going to make the reader want to continue reading your paper? This is how you will start off your paper, so that you are getting them involved in your paper.

Background information

Next, you will set your paper up by giving some background information. What would your audience need to know to understand the rest of the paper? Is there something that will help them understand what you are trying to portray. This is where you will give information about your topic as if your reader knows nothing about it.


If there is any vocabulary that is specific to your topic and your audience would need to know it in order to understand your text, it has to be listed here. Make sure to only define things that you will discuss or bring up again. Everything that you talk about should be relevant to proving your thesis statement.

Thesis statement

This is the main point of the article. It is why you are writing it. The thesis is usually a single sentence in length and it is the heart of your paper. Everything that you are writing should go back to this one statement and is designed to prove that one statement.

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