Choosing Good Essay Topics On The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Internet

A topic so debated like the benefits of the Internet needs to be approached in a few, fresh way. Sure enough, everybody knows already what are the pros and the cons when it comes to the online world. However, there are still some aspects that are not so well-known for the public. Beyond the knowledge they have about technology; there are many interesting issues that you can analyze. These ideas will help you create a great essay:

  • Be realistic. Since everybody uses the internet, everybody has an opinion. What many of them don’t know is how the online world opened a new way for criminals. If until now the only way somebody could steal your money is by taking your wallet, with the new banking system your finances are no longer safe. Even the most advanced technology will be outdated at some point, and criminals find new programs that can defeat the security system.
  • Present the unknown parts of the internet. What we use daily, the websites that we access are only a smart part of the online world. The Deep Web is a collection of websites that is also called the dark part of the Internet. The addresses are difficult to find, but the biggest crime organizations of the world have an activity in those places. It is a difficult job to control something so big, and the governments have little to no control over the internet.
  • Back to the basics. Years ago, it would take an entire day only to find and download a song. Now, you have thousands of albums right at your fingertips. The technology evolved so much that we can find any information in record time. This, of course, had a positive impact on people who were trying to gain knowledge, but not all of them have the right intentions. Children and teenagers are very sensitive to anything they read or see, and this can be considered in the aggressive way some of them are behaving.
  • The future. There are big projects that are being studied by the best I.T specialists in the world. Some of them are already incorporated in some states and now voting, identification, medical help, all this can be done using your computer. Others, like transmitting, smells through the Internet are still far away, but valid. Thousands of prototypes are improved and developed every single day.

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