How To Compose A Top-Quality Compare And Contrast Essay

There aren’t any tricks to writing a top-quality compare and contrast essay. Everything you need to know is in the name. The basic premise is very simple, take two ideas and compare how they are similar and how they are different. As simple as this may seem, in practice, a well thought out, coherent comparison/contrast can be pretty tough. Making sure that your essay is the best that it can doesn't take too much extra effort.

Here’s how you can make sure that what you are writing is top-quality:

  • Make sure your comparison paragraphs are as thorough as can be. Sure, anyone can compare two things, but it’s how you compare them that really matter. Make sure that what you are comparing match up. The ideas should pair together fairly well and should have enough in common that you’re not grasping at straws to find similarities.
  • If you’re comparing, compare, don’t contrast. Often, it’s easy to get drawn into including a few contrasting arguments within your comparison paragraphs. Try to avoid this as much as possible. A couple of mentions of differences are fine but stick to mentions only. Remember, you’ll be spending your other paragraphs contrasting your two ideas/arguments.
  • Make sure your contrasting arguments are contrasting arguments. You aren’t just picking out differences in your two sources/ideas/arguments/etc.; you’re looking for differences that set these two ideas apart. Often the contrasting ideas are where these types of essays lose their footing. Make sure you arguments are strong and have solid evidence backing them.
  • Link your ideas. It isn’t enough to just point out what’s the same and what’s different; you have to show how that affects these two pieces. A lot of things are similar to one another, a lot of things are different, but it’s what links these similarities and differences that really makes a compare and contrast essay top-notch as opposed to something that’s just above average.

Essay writing doesn’t have to difficult or stressful, especially when it comes to essays comparing and contrasting two ideas. In fact, keeping it as simple as possible is all you really need to make sure that what you are writing is truly your best work. Find similarities that work with differences and keep it simple. Keep your ideas well contained and give well thought out supporting evidence and your paper will write itself.

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