What Is The Definition Of Success

A lot of people, who want to succeed in life are trying to determine a formula of popularity, fame and sucess. They are trying to find the easiest way to make their way up to the sky. Unfortunately, a general formula for success does not exist. Each person has to set the main steps himself. But the least we can do is determine what different people are trying to put in the concept of the “key to success”.

Some people believe that all that it takes to become a famous artist is to work hard, never stop no matter how many time you fail, raise your head, stand up and always improve your skills and abilities and you will for sure become very good and a lot of people will know your work. It is hard to agree with this point of view. You may be a hard-working and a purposeful person, spend 16 hours a day at your easel or piano and still never achieve anything. If you have nothing except for assiduity and perseverance, it is almost impossible to fly high. What you will always lack is gift and talent.

However, from the other point of view, if you are a lazy genius, you may never even give the world a chance to see and assess your true abilities and see how talented you really are. In this case you never develop, you stay at one point your whole life and your gift will most likely go in vain. So, the point is that you cannot live on the genuis itself. There has to be something behind it, and this something has to be extremely powerful.

So, what is the secret? The true successful artist is only possible with a correct mixture of this two features – talent and hard work. Of course, there is a lot more to success than just this, but these are the primary requirements for the person, who plans to be remembered by generations. A talented person usually is fond of what his talent represents, either that is music, drawing or dancing. If it brings pleasure, there comes a wish to do it more and more every day. And only if there is a wish, a person will practice every day without even noticing he spends so much time on it. Without his knowledge, his skills and abilities will develop, until they culminate in a masterpiece.

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