Choosing Descriptive Essay Topics For Middle School Students 

In a descriptive essay you are supposed to describe an object, person, event, or place by means of sensory details and figurative language. You should appeal to the reader’s senses and make him or her see and feel your picture in words. At a middle school level, these types of papers precede expository and persuasive types of academic writing. Students should know how to write such essays properly in order not to fail with more complex tasks of English course. Therefore, it is important that middle-schoolers practice writing descriptive essays regularly. Students will be eager to accomplish these writing tasks if they are prompted with interesting and original topic ideas for their papers. Here is a list of great descriptive essay topics for middle school learners to choose from:

  • Looking into the future.
  • Imagine that you wake up somewhere in the 22nd century. Describe a person, car, house, or technological innovation of the future. How does the object of your description differ from what you observe daily?

  • Happy day in a family circle.
  • Describe a particular day that was spent with your family. Did you celebrate something? Was it an ordinary day that somehow turned into unforgettable experience? Why was this day so special?

  • Creating a tour of my town.
  • Imagine that you are a guide giving a tour of your hometown. What sights and beautiful places will you offer to see? Describe your town through sightseeing.

  • The most extraordinary person you know.
  • Describe someone who is different from other people you know. Does he or she have extraordinary appearance, character, or hobby?

  • Your favorite season.
  • Describe which season in particular is the most attractive to you.

  • An unusual animal in the zoo.
  • In the zoo, you come across an animal you have never seen before. Describe it.

  • A thunderstorm in May.
  • Describe your feelings during and after spring storms. What do you hear, smell, taste, and see?

  • Your favorite meal.
  • Describe your favorite meal in terms of how it tastes, smells, and looks.

  • A trip to the mountains.

    Write about your experience of going to the mountains. Use lots of sensory details in your descriptive essay.

  • Riding on a bus.
  • Describe your usual experience of riding on a bus to school. Make your story unusual through the slightest details that make this trip different.

  • Your unforgettable birthday party.
  • Describe the best birthday celebration you had. Why was it special? Give details of events that occurred and of your feelings in that particular day.

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