Writing A Strong Essay On Experience Is Better Than Knowledge

One of the world’s great philosophers once said that knowledge is power and that having knowledge is quite important for people to live a happy and dignified life. However, there’s an argument about which derivation is more essential in obtaining knowledge. There are some who contend that reading books is the most outstanding way to learn new and more things while others believe that you can learn more from your daily experiences and these are more beneficial in making life more worth living.

Whatever your stand is, writing strong essay on experience is better than knowledge may be a kind of task that is slightly challenging to handle. But, you can end up with a logical and sensible one if you’re able to point out the main points of what you’re trying to share to your readers. In addition, for your readers to understand what you wish to impart to them, it is best to discuss the importance of obtaining knowledge from various sources such as books and other reading materials and then expound the favors it offers to man. Afterwards, talk about the value of learning from your daily experiences and how this can affect your daily lives.

When composing a valuable writing piece, bear in mind that it is imperative to clearly express the main idea of your topic so it will be easier for the readers to understand and absorb what it is you are trying to convey. Make sure that your thoughts or ideas are organized in a logical approach. In the same way, use the standard format or the outline preferred by your school.

When researching, see to it to get only the relevant information needed and only refer to reliable sources. You can discuss your topic by providing some examples and you may also consider specifying the essence of your main points. Of course, prior submitting your final draft, you should first proofread and do some necessary revisions.

You do not really need to use very difficult terms or vocabularies when composing your piece. Simple terms are just fine but be sure that you use the appropriate words for each paragraph. Do not use terms which your reader may not understand as this may only confuse them and find your work uninteresting and out of this world. Take note that your goal in composing your paper should be to educate and share some invaluable insights to your readers so make sure that it is perfectly written.

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