5 Suggestions On How To Improve An Essay Written Late In The Evening

Almost every college student faces the moment when he or she has to write an essay at the last minute. This means staying up long in the dark drafting that composition which is due the following day. There can be some problems that arise which may jeopardize the final grade. Here are some ways to improve that work written long after other people going to bed.

  1. 1. Establish Some Break Times. You have already had a very busy day and are probably fatigued as the sun goes down. That exhaustion can result in mistakes being made and there is a way to avoid this. Schedule breaks of perhaps 15 minutes every hour. You could possibly take a small catnap just to unwind. This permits you to go back to the work refreshed. If you do take them, be sure to have an alarm ready to wake you up.
  2. 2. Do Not Panic. Yes, you are doing this at a very late hour but you still have time before it has to be submitted. Staying calm while you are working and it is essential that you keep writing so that the essay is ultimately finished.
  3. 3. Refer to Your Directions. You may have your ideas already to put on paper but there are still directions given to you by your teacher. Refer to them as you are doing the writing. A good paper can easily be tossed out directions not being followed.
  4. 4. Have a Snack. Students may drink a lot of coffee for use energy drinks to keep them awake during this time. Too much caffeine can cause some stomach problems. You should have something that can absorb the caffeine, which will make you feel a little more comfortable. A roll or a piece of cheese are good examples of the right snack to have.
  5. 5. Don’t Forget to Proofread and Edit. You are in a time crunch which may produce some mistakes. The mental errors and misspellings can occur in the dark of night. Always proofread the essay when you are finished. You can make the changes needed with enough time before submission. By all means do not and did the essay until you have double checked everything.

There is a very valuable lesson to be learned and it is all about time management. Do not procrastinate to the last minute on any written assignment. People claim to work best under pressure but it is at that time when the worst mistakes are made. Give yourself a chance and the time to do your very best.

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