Best Essay Topics To Argue: 25 Questions Suggested By Professors

Are you looking to put up a good fight when it comes to your argumentative essay? Why not pick a topic that’s debatable and will raise some hairs on the backs of your reader’s necks? After all, that’s the purpose of this type of paper. So you may as well choose a topic that can get people in the mood to argue for or against. Here are some top suggestions taken from a list given by college and university professors.

  1. Should all tobacco products including cigarettes be outlawed?
  2. Should prostitution be legalized?
  3. Is it wise to outlaw controlled substances seeing how this process creates large black markets?
  4. Should girls at any age be given access to birth control without having to consult with their parents or get their consent?
  5. Is it justifiable to legalize medical marijuana given its benefits?
  6. Is it necessary to do animal testing for products like makeup and personal care?
  7. Should America import products from countries that still encourage child labor?
  8. Should beauty pageants for children be banned?
  9. Is it appropriate to display nude photographs in museums for public view?
  10. Does the concept of freedom of speech include a person’s right to use hate speech?
  11. Are pre-employment drug tests an infringement on a person’s right to privacy?
  12. Do people have a right to die using doctor-assisted suicide?
  13. Should businesses and schools provide incentives for people to do volunteer work?
  14. Is there too much pressure by parents and the educational system for teenagers to attend college?
  15. Should college and university courses be provided free of charge?
  16. Should minors have to abide by a legal curfew?
  17. Is online dating an efficient way to replace meeting people in person?
  18. What limitations should be in place for prime time violence on television?
  19. Is it ethical for companies to target children in their advertising campaigns?
  20. Should it be mandatory for parents to pay their children an allowance?
  21. Is breastfeeding in public natural and therefore acceptable?
  22. Should it be compulsory for new perspective parents to take parenting classes?
  23. Should parents be allowed to force their children into extracurricular activities they don’t like such as music or sports?
  24. Does a child’s room belong to them or their parents, as far as making rules goes?
  25. Should single people be able to adopt children as easily as couples?

Once you’ve narrowed down the choices to the topic you’re most interested in, explore other facets of the topic idea. You may find something unique and original to write your paper.

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