How To Choose Interesting Synthesis Essay Topics About The American Dream

If you are about to start writing a synthesis essay about the American dream, you definitely need to start with one of the most important parts of your work: it’s the choice of a topic. If it’s really good, you can be sure that a half of the success is already in your pocket. Let’s see how you should act to choose the most interesting and attractive topic for such an interesting research paper.

  1. Make sure that you understand the goal of a synthesis essay.
  2. The goal of a synthesis essay is in finding a connection between parts of a certain piece of information or between several pieces of information. This is done in order to confirm an idea or a statement. In other words, in the course of researching a certain subject, you will have to build up a chain of persuasive proofs for a particular point of view. All this should be kept in mind at the moment you choose a topic. Besides that, you need to find out whether you are supposed to write an argument synthesis essay, a review, or an explanatory project.

  3. Choose a topic that allows doing profound synthesis.
  4. Your topic should be wide enough to connect several related sources of information regarding the American dream, but not so wide that it can embrace sources that have nothing in common. If you look through several related sources, they can help you come up with a nice topic of your own.

  5. Be careful with reference information.
  6. When choosing a topic about the American dream, make sure that you have no less than three reference sources and, probably, one or two more for deeper exploration of the subject. It’s a very important aspect that can cut short a lot of nice synthesis essay topic ideas.

  7. Make sure that you do like the topic.
  8. It’s very important to choose a topic that makes you feel like writing a lot about it. At best, it should be a side of the researched subject that you know well. If there are no such aspects that you can use for your essay, try searching one that will make you feel willing to explore it further. In case you don’t feel like being excited about writing anything dedicated to the American dream, try searching for a point of view that at least does not leave you indifferent. The point is that the more interested you are in the subject, the deeper and more expanded the project will be, winning you more points.

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