Art History

The aesthetic sense of humans has always been able to do wonders. This particular faculty of animate beings has captured the admiration and appreciation of many people. The beauty presented in the form of tangible things is marvelous and makes the viewer spell-bound. The art has evolved over the years and has taken the form of more complex yet exquisite form. From prehistoric times to the present, the entire history of mankind revolves around ways to add new to the art form.

Art history is not mere a biographical endeavor, instead it welcomes the human mind to find answers to many different questions. Once you are associated with the different form of arts, it becomes easy for the mind to decipher the answers. It helps you to interpret the object and its style, what message the symbols convey and does it function intuitively or discursively. So once you are familiar with the different forms of art it becomes easy for the learners to interpret the existing and contemporary art in the light of art history or even to make innovations in this field

In present times art history is often criticized for its subjectivity. As person’s taste varies from other people so art entirely depends on person’s own taste, likes and dislikes (“Art History Appreciation”). Art history requires to study the eras and the work done by famous artists. It gives an opportunity to develop an aesthetic and keen sense to observe the beauty of art. It also allows to compare the works of different artists. In this way it can help to develop taste and indulging in this activity shows the long path through which art has travelled and reached us the way it is in present.

There are a number of periods of art; some of the famous and important ones are given below.

  • African
  • Roman
  • Assyrian
  • Shang Dynasty
  • Aztec
  • Sumerian
  • Babylonian
  • Petroglyph
  • Byzantine
  • Pictograph
  • Celtic
  • Mayan
  • Christian
  • Norse
  • Egyptian
  • Olmec
  • Etruscan
  • Islamic
  • Greek
  • Han Dynasty
  • Japanese

Art history relies on many other eras and even the prehistoric time is important as it forms the basis for the contemporary art. It is a vast study that enables the learners to dive into the ability of humans to make wonders. The tools for crafting this art have also evolved over the course of time and have given man the more refined ones to develop the beautiful pieces of art. The innovation and redefining the art is being done in his field that is continuously documenting the evolution of art.

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