Back Problems

Back problems are the problem that associates with human back in the form of pain being felt. Back problems mostly originate from the nerves, joints, muscles, bones and other spine structures. Internal structures like the pancreas and gall bladder regularly refer pain to the back. Causes of Back problems vary from factors such as injury, tension, inflammation and spasm among others. Diseases such as muscle strain, stress, arthritis, sciatica and osteoporosis are also common causes of back problems. Back problems may affect ligaments, bone, muscles or the cartilage. Back problem can be treated by use of exercise, medication and manual therapy in the form of massage.

Prevention of back problems

Prevention of back problem may require a few sacrifices in someone lifestyle. These sacrifices include one doing regular exercise, and this is important for the back since it improves the posture and also the spine muscle support is increased. Back muscle strain can result because of lifting a heavy load that one cannot contain, to prevent such mistakes one should seek help from someone else or use equipment. Another suggestion to avoid back problem is to maintain a healthy weight for your body this is because being overweight places extra strain on the back. Always check your posture, particularly when in seated positions and always place your back upright and when necessary use support. During sessions such as driving, sitting and standing that can take a longer time; you should always take a break. This will help in changing the joint posture and also loosen your muscles. Last but not least, you should avoid surfaces (mattress) that are too hard or too soft and sleeping on your stomach since they can result in a sore back. Lastly, learn and understand some form of relaxation techniques like massage, gentle exercise and heat/cold packs that will help in reducing muscle tension and stress levels.

Managing long term back problem

Back problems are usually ongoing issues to a lot of people. Most of the people who get back problems are likely to experience the same problem again and again. It is important to keep on with the prevention techniques even after pain has reduced. Involve your physiotherapist, health professional, exercise physiologist or osteopath on your well being and also talk about what forms of exercise that are appropriate for maintaining your health. Activities such as cycling, swimming and walking are an excellent form of exercise that can keep your back from any associated problem. Take it as a personal initiative to understand and learn about the back problem and be active in your treatment.

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