4 Reasons That Make Gender Studies So Important

Students generally opt for courses that they believe are more “professional” and will help them learn skills they could use in practical life. Thus, subjects such as gender studies and women studies are left for the feminists and social activists to major in. However, there are many reasons gender studies should be studied by everyone.

To Remove Misconceptions

As mentioned above, gender studies are usually associated with feminists or social activists who do not come under the umbrella of normal people. It is important that everyone knows what gender studies are before jumping to conclusion. This will change perspectives and encourage a fairer and more equal world.

Universal Application

You are bound to encounter the opposite sex no matter where you go. Knowing your rights and those of the opposite sex’s, makes handling a lot of situations much easier. Thus, a gender studies course is not just a useless course but prepares you for the practical world as much as any other professional course. Moreover, it is not just limited to what the other person can do wrong but how you can trespass without knowing as well.

Oppression is Not Limited To One Gender

While oppression and violence is mostly associated with women, men are often victims too. One of the most common oppressions, against men and women both, is stereotyping them. Men are stereotyped as emotionless, strong beings and they have to live up to it which usually leads to a number of mental illnesses. Women on the other hand are limited in terms of social roles and their overemotional nature that apparently keeps them from working as well as maybe men do. Again, the study of genders becomes necessary to enlighten everyone about what should and should not be as opposed to what is.

Play Your Part

Gender inequality is a reality and many may be in denial, everyone knows it exists in even the most developed of societies. Thus, Gender Studies plays an active role in creating history and teaching everyone the right way. This is the only gateway through which the issues can be highlighted in the popular culture and when provided with such opportunity, it is only reasonable that you take it.

Remember, Gender Studies is not just about the underrepresentation and inequality faced by women. It is how men and women both have been misrepresented in history which is being repeated in modern times. Thus, with everything going on, Gender Studies cannot be undermined at all.

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