American Revolution

The American Revolution includes a number of significant events that took place during earlier years of the United States. The American Revolution is also known as the Revolutionary War that occurred during the late 1700s. Other events such as the Boston Massacre, the Tea Act, and the Stamp Act, also occurred during this era. Some of these events actually lead up to the war as conflict between colonists and the British only made things more complicated. Even though various amounts of conflict occurred during this time a few good things did result in the end.

The Declaration of Independence was developed around 1776 leading up to America’s birthday, also known as Independence Day on July 4. People are often familiar with the Declaration of Independence but many are not aware of the various events that took place before and during its development. Before the Declaration was establish there was tension between the colonial government and Great Britain’s 13 colonies in the North American territory. Other parts of the world became involved in the conflict but Americans eventually won the war and their independence.

Taxing of the colonies was an issue contributing to the war that occurred for years before military action occurred. The British government wanted to raise taxes paid by the colonies which were part of the Stamp Act of 1765 and the Tea Act of 1773. Around this time there was violence that broke out that included the deaths of several men. The men killed were ambushed by British soldiers and the men were colonists. This was later known as the Boston Massacre. This and other actions led to a number of legal measures passed by parliament to ensure authority was established in the area known as Massachusetts.

The American Revolution ended with countries including Great Britain, France and Spain signing peace treaties recognizing United States and its independent status. The conflict leading up to the signed agreements lasted for several years. Throughout this time British troops were stationed at various points along the North American colonies. When the treaties were signed British troops were ordered to leave their stations. There are several places along the eastern seaboard in the United States that have more significance to them than many will know. While some parts of the war remain unclear, a large number of military members lost their lives for what Americans today feel was the ultimate sacrifice.

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