A List Of Good Cause And Effect Essay Topics On Smoking

A cause and effect essay has to be very well thought out. To do this you will need a good topic to begin with. Smoking is one of the evils that plague the modern topic and the topic of discussion at many heated debates the world over. So it makes perfect sense to write about it in a bid to raise awareness about the issue and make people knowledgeable about the harmful effects of this practice.

Select an unexplored approach

The basic effects of smoking have been written a lot of times so it does not really make sense to write them over again. What you can do is explore the different possibilities and come up with innovative ideas that depict this practice in a different light. For that you will have to look at the issue from different angles and give case histories in support of your points.

Some cause and effect essay topics on smoking to get you started:

  • What cause long term health issues among smokers and its effect on the person’s family?
  • What causes teenagers to smoke and its effect on their future?
  • Why smoking is depicted as a cool thing to do and its effect on impressionable watchers.
  • Why do smokers keep smoking after all the advertisements on how it causes cancer? Does it bring out a suicidal tendency in them? Its effect on a person’s psychology.
  • Why do people keep smoking even when their near and dear ones suffer from passive second hand smoke? How does it strain their relationship with the family members?

These are some of the topics you can work on. As you read up more on the topic you will find different avenues to explore and write about. The essay should bring out the harmful effects on a person’s health but it should also highlight the effects, both long term and short term. You will be amazed to see the number of people who continue to smoke even after they know the harm it does to their body. There is some deep psychological reasoning that cannot be explained in simple words.

A good cause and effect paper should explore the story on both sides and then at the end make some recommendations based on the research. So you can recommend the things that you think will help prevent smoking or a more harmless solution to smokers like tobacco gums.

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